Saab was founded in 1937 and its mission then as it is today, is to contribute to a safer and more secure society. Over the years, thousands of fantastic employees have mapped out new technological paths forward. Saab is celebrating its 80-year jubilee in 2017 and the company has commissioned the Centre for Business History to prepare and produce the content of this website.
    The website was launched in April of 2017 and is continuously updated by Saab.

    Saab AB We have made every reasonable effort to determine the copyright holders of all used photographs and other media. If despite this, you feel that your rights have been infringed upon, we ask that you contact Saab AB.
    If you would like to use the material from the website for commercial and/or other publicity purposes, you must first contact Saab AB. We would like to see the material used but only if the purpose is appropriate and we can resolve any copyright issues, so please get in touch.
    The website’s content is based on archival research, literature and interviews conducted by the Centre for Business History with past and present employees.
    The relevant archives are Saab’s archive in Linköping, Bofors’ archive in Karlskoga and Kockums’ archive in Malmö’s municipal archive, as well as imagery from the Naval Museum, the Maritime Museum, the National Library of Sweden and Kulturparken Småland/Smålands Museum.
    Project team, Centre for Business History:
    • Gustav Svensson, archivist and research
    • Martin Månson, photo editor and media import
    • Nils Johan Tjärnlund, science journalist and writer
    • Anders Sjöman, project manager
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